Washington Park Neighborhood Improvement District

The WP NID was created to provide homeowner grants, local jobs, resources for community planning and community improvement projects.

Washington Park

At the heart of the Washington Park neighborhood is the park itself, a 124 acre space designed by the legendary landscape architect Fredrick Law Olmstead. The park is now home to the Urban Ecology Center, Farmers Market and Bandshell Concert Series.

Jobs & Business

WPP strives to increase access to job opportunities for residents through strengthening partnerships, promoting entrepreneurship and establishing policies for sustainable business growth.


Washington Park neighborhood has three outstanding primary schools and youth organizations.  WPP works to improve education opportunities by supporting existing education oriented organizations.

Artist Connection

The Washington Park neighborhood is home for many artists and public art projects. WPP recognizes that our artists are local entrepreneurs that strengthen the area both economically and culturally.

Washington Park Sustainable Community Plan

The plan is intended to capture the goals, passion and energy of the people in our neighborhood. It's the result of many great ideas and hundreds of hours of hard work by residents, businesses and others that care about the area.


To preserve Washington Park homes, WPP partners with housing providers such as ACTS Housing, Community First, and Habitat for Humanity, created a grant for homeowners, organizes an annual housing survey and established a landlord compact.


WPP, MPD, and Safe & Sound received a grant called the Byrne Initiative organized to  improve public safety in Washington Park by enhancing the effectiveness of  law enforcement, support enhanced law enforcement activities and organize community activities.

Health & Wellness

WPP supports community gardens, supports the Vliet Street Community Green Market and Walk with a Doc. Progressive Community Health Centers provide health services at it's Lisbon Avenue Clinic. 

The Washington Park Partners (WPP) is a collaboration of residents, organizations, and businesses working to make our community a wonderful place to live, work, and play.