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SimCity Buildit is all about strategy, plan, and results.  This game does not involve warfare in any form. A creative game, your primary objective here would be to build cities. The cities that you build should have the best-rated facilities and happy citizens. Your role in the game would be that of a mayor, and your duty will be to head the city. Your goal in the game is to make your city the best one, always evolving and advancing itself.

You have to build the city right from the base. The beautification and proper facilitation of the game are solely your responsibility. You will be in a constant need of cash and material to build your city, and hence regulate your process conveniently. The amount you earn daily not only is based on your building progress but also the number of citizens there are present in your city. More citizens will mean more revenues collected from the taxes they pay. It is tricky because you have to create a balance between having a stable population and not making it too congested so that it is easier to maintain life.


Location and positioning of buildings are vital to the game. A proper water supply for the residents is crucial. You also have to bear in mind that these supplies later needs to be extended to other parts of the city. Where you extend it will depend on which part of the city you want to build later into the game. You have to regularly keep checking the water pumps and remove the default ones for filter ones. Setting up education institute will reduce the crime rate and provide a better life quality for the citizens. Other than this, you will also have to set up at a fire station and police station and hospital to tackle indiscipline and any emergency respectively.

With the progress of the city, you will also have to start concentrating on the financial aspect of the city. Trade is a hard point in maintaining finances.  You have to start building industrial units that would involve manufacturing of daily needed products in the city. Setting up your units will reduce the cost of trade and transportation that it involves. Try to buy the required items from the cheap sale. You can also buy items from other players. For trade, you will need airports and cargo sure. You can also find some online solutions and tricks for the financial positions such as finding for simcity buildit hack which can suggest you the better way to get resources instantly. Be positive to keep necessary space for their construction.

How well your city runs depends on the amenities that your city provides to its cities. Yes, how good your city looks does matter, but not more than an inadequate water supply, or high crime rate. The functionality of your city is what will keep the citizens happy. You have to provide your citizens with the necessary infrastructure facility and also keep provision for more expansion. At the very initial stages of the game, you will make a wise choice if you start building parks and entertainment facilities and place of worship for your citizens. It will keep you citizens happy from the very beginning.


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